Thursday, December 2, 2010

I got my VBAC, now what?

This was the topic of last night's Atlanta ICAN meeting. We've done so much and worked so hard for our VBACs and we did it! So what happens now? How do we continue our birth activism?

Some ladies have gone on to become doulas and childbirth educators. Some have signed up to do volunteer work with ICAN. Some people try to inform their friends, family, and colleagues to stay as informed about their birth options.

As a stay at home mother of three I decided I would try to do the latter of these, sharing information through a blog. So that's the reason for this blog.

I am not a medical professional and I have no problem with cesareans when necessary. I do think in most cases vaginal delivery is the best option but not in all. I do have a problem with people not educating themselves before their births and just thinking "Oh it won't happen to me." I am planning to use this blog to share my birth stories, how I got to my VBA2C, and random information I find on VBAC, Cesarean, and Birth in general.

And I hope sharing my stories and thoughts can maybe help someone else get the best birth for them and their baby as well.

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